Admissions Services 

Admissions to the Service Academies is intensely competitive as the Academies seek to fill the "whole-person" concept.  At Service Academy Coach, we work with students and parents to create and execute a personally tailored strategy based on the student's strengths and character that will optimize the student's chances for admissions.  We provide individual hourly consulting up through several variable packaged plans.  We are the first college admissions consulting firm that specializes in Service Academy admissions.  We have a staff comprised entirely of graduates from the three primary Service Academies who have gone through the experience themselves and know the intricate details of what it takes to earn a Service Academy Appointment. 

Services We Provide:

1)      Initial 30 minute comprehensive review at no charge
We provide a comprehensive review and discussion with the student/parents regarding the Service Academy admissions process.  In addition, we will also review the student’s interests, objectives, and goals, and how it would be best suited to gain admissions.  To register for our free consultation, complete the contact form and one of our consultants will be in contact shortly.
2)       Comprehensive Academic Review
We conduct a thorough review of the student’s skills, academic qualifications, transcripts, and activities.  We make recommendations based on the student’s transcripts, standardized test scores, extracurricular activities, special characteristics and abilities.  We also assist in planning coursework strategy to improve the student's profile.
3)       Admissions Roadmap and Strategy
We provide the student a collective plan and recommendations that includes courses to take, extracurricular activities to participate, and summer programs and internships/jobs to take which will maximize their opportunities for Service Academy admissions.
4)       Essay Development
We work with the student on developing ideas and concepts for their nomination and applications essays.  We look for strengths, experiences, and opportunities to help the student develop strong essays that will be favorably viewed by the Congressional nomination boards and the Service Academy admissions committee. 
For many Service Academy applications, students are required to write an essay on a significant character developing experience that they have had, and teachers completing recommendations for candidates are specifically asked to comment on the character and integrity of candidates as compared to their peers.
5)       Applications Review
We review the student’s applications to make sure all key and important points are included to promote the student's profile.   We then make suggestions to the student to change or revise the applications as appropriate.
6)       Mock Interviews and Q&A Sessions
Interviews are an integral part of the Service Academy admissions process.  Most  applicants will go through at least two interviews to obtain a Congressional nomination and a Service Academy appointment.  It is vital that the student become familiar and comfortable with the types of questions and know how to answer the frequently asked questions in a Service Academy admissions interview.

We prepare the student to excel in their interviews.  We teach the student how to plan and strategize their  interviews.   We strategize commonly asked questions within the Congressional nomination interviews as well as the Service Academy Liaison interviews.  After going through the preparation sessions, the student will know what to expect, how to answer those questions, and to know what specific questions to ask the interviewer. 
7)       Letters of Recommendations
Service Academy evaluations are significantly weighted on letters of recommendations with an emphasis on integrity and character.   Students are generally requested to seek recommendations from a science teacher/principal, a community/civic leader, and a coach or mentor.  We work with the students to help the writer include comments and descriptions that would best help the student earn a nomination and appointment.
8)       Activity Sheet
The student's active involvement in community and academic endeavors are critical to gaining an appointment.  The student's list of activities should show "demonstrated" leadership characteristics and committed involvement.  We work with the student to tailor their activity sheet so that it is relevant to the Service Academies. 
9)       Proactive Support
We make ourselves available when needed and provide student and parents with support throughout the entire Service Academy Admissions process.  We will provide PROACTIVE and regular follow-up to gauge the student's preparation. 
10)   Provide Critical and Key Information
We provide the student and their parents' answers to requested information including Congressional nominations office, Service Academy admissions and enrollment information, schedules and timeline, Academy Liaison Officer information, and anything else related to admissions at West Point, Air Force Academy, and the Naval Academy.
11)   Guidance on Physicals and Physical Fitness Tests
We provide the student guidance and pertinent information for the Academy’s physical requirements including tips to excel at the Candidate Fitness Test required for all of the Service Academies.  
12)   Academy Liaison Officer guidance and preparation
We provide the student and their parents contact information and detailed guidelines regarding the role of the Academy Liaison Officers (ALO) as well as tips for succeeding in the interviews with the ALO/BGO.  Service Academy Coach can also assist in this interview preparation with a mock interview and Q&A sessions with the student as well.
13)   Campus Visits
Whether it is West Point, Annapolis, or the Air Force Academy, we can assist with providing information regarding campus tours, summer seminars, and other information sessions.  We can also assist with the applications for the summer, fall, or spring orientation programs and assist with tours through the admissions office.  Given opportunities, we may also be able to provide in-person guided tours with a Service Academy Coach consultant.

 14)   Proactive assistance to make sure deadlines are met
Provide proactive and timely reminders of milestones and deadlines for nomination applications as well as Service Academy applications, interviews, physicals, and other key events in the application process.

15)  Continued Support through the Academy Experience
Service Academy Coach can also provide guidance to cadets and midshipmen (and their parents) on tips and information to survive the four years at the Academy after they have been admitted.  This consulting service guides the individual and provides valuable insight into the academic, physical, and leadership programs at the Academy so that the cadet or midshipmen have the knowledge and insight to succeed academically and professionally at their respective Academy.