Get the edge on Service Academy Admissions to West Point, Naval Academy, Air Force Academy, Merchant Marine Academy, or the Coast Guard Academy

Service Academy Coach is a college admissions consulting firm with the singular purpose of helping students navigate the obstacles, successfully complete the process, and earn a Congressional nomination and Appointment to the U.S. Service Academies: US Military Academy at West Point, US Naval Academy at Annapolis, US Air Force Academy at Colorado Springs, US Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point, and the US Coast Guard Academy at New London.

We are the first college admissions consulting firm that specializes in the Service Academies.  Our staff consists of graduates of the Service Academies who have personally completed the experience themselves and are leaders of character, possessing the keen insight of what it takes to receive an appointment.  Some of our consultants also possess experiences serving on the nomination selection panels within various Congressional districts giving us the added insight to provide our clients everything they need to know about competing for a Congressional nomination and earning an appointment for Service Academy admissions. 

Unlike other admissions consulting firms that just provide pamphlets and refer to on-line media or journal publications, Service Academy Coach personally coaches the student, focuses on the individual, formulates a personally tailored strategy, and actively guides the student through the process to help them earn their Service Academy admissions, and more importantly, prepare them to serve as future leaders of America's sons and daughters.  Our countless years of experience and insight will give students the head start and competitive advantage to earn an appointment to West Point, Naval Academy, Air Force Academy, Merchant Marine Academy, or the Coast Guard Academy.   

*Note - Although we can also coach students for admissions to the US Merchant Marine Academy and the US Coast Guard Academy as many of our clients seek admissions to those academies as well as the other academies, our consultants are not graduates of those institutions and we do not have the specifics of those academies posted on this website.

Service Academy Coach provides the dedicated  coaching and competitive advantage to help students understand and employ the key attributes and successful approach to earn their Congressional Nominations and Service Academy Appointment.

Service Academy Admissions

What do you need to do and how to be competitive for admissions to the nation's most prestigious and highly acclaimed Service Academies?

Service Academy Coach is the only Service Academy Admissions Consulting Firm that has received national press recognition from Published Authors, AP News, Politico, USA Today for its candor and accuracy - Google/Pride and Patronage USA Today/and see the Expose with advice and quote from our firm on Congressional Nominations.  Also see the heralded Parent Guide for Student Development - "Lead Your Child To Success" by Roxanne Wing, M.B.A. with reference to Service Academy Coach.

Service Academy Coach - featured in USA Today, "Advice From The Pros On Getting Into A Military Academy"

Service Academy Coach will help you achieve your admissions goal

1. Give you the knowledge, tools, and strategy to earn your Congressional Nominations and Service Academy Appointments
2. Assist you with relevant and powerful essay development, interview preparation, completing your Congressional and Service Academy applications, and overcoming any obstacles in the appointment process
3. Provide you lifelong skills for interviewing, high impact communications and creative writing
4. Develop your character and strengths that the Congressional and Academy boards look for in ideal candidates and future officers
5. Help you get ahead of the competition, give you the insider's advantage, and stay with you throughout the process to help you obtain your Service Academy appointment

Our past successes and confidence that we produce the most prepared and qualified students to compete for Service Academy appointments, allows us to offer money back guarantees, which no other college admissions consulting firm will do.

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