General Information for West Point Admissions

The US Military Academy, located in West Point, New York primary mission is to educate, train, and inspire the Corps of Cadets so that each graduate is a commissioned leader of character committed to the values of Duty, Honor, Country and prepared for a career of professional excellence and to serve the nation as an officer in the United States Army. 

The 47 month program at West Point is like very few.  It is a fully funded education with cadets receiving an exceptional undergraduate education, comparable to the best Ivy League schools, culminating in a Bachelor of Science Degree in various disciplines and majors chosen by the student.  Further separating West Point is that the entire program is focused on developing students into leaders of character.

United States Military Academy
606 Thayer Road
West Point, NY 10996
Phone: (845) 938-4011

Early Action/Decision

A formal offer of admissions is possible as early as November for fully qualified, outstanding candidates who have completed all admissions requirements and receive their Congressional nominations.  West Point admissions decisions are made on a rolling basis, with the majority of offers of admissions announced by mid-April.

Steps for West Point Admissions

1) Understand the commitments, requirements and profile for West Point admissions

2) Determine if you meet the basic requirements on West Point's website and complete the candidate questionnaire.  Website:

3) If you are determined to be qualified by the Admissions office at West Point, you will receive access to your online Candidate Kit.   Follow the directions on the Candidate Kit to complete the rest of the application.

4) Apply for a Congressional nomination and complete all of the requirements and activities in a timely manner
    - Seek articulate and distinguishing letters of recommendations describing your integrity and character
    - Write vivid, powerful essays detailing your accomplishments, commitment and determination
    - Prepare for your Service Academy interview questions (see our Congressional nomination page)

5) Complete testing, including:
    - ACT (including the writing section) and/or SAT with writing
    - Qualifying medical exam, promptly address all inquiries and proactively address any waiverable concerns
    - Prepare and successfully complete the Candidate Fitness Assessment

6) Periodic follow up on the status of your applications, adding favorable factors as they develop

7) Take the opportunity to visit West Point during summer seminar programs or candidate orientation

8) Prepare for West Point admissions, academically and physically

Contact Service Academy Coach if you have any questions or would like help to optimize and improve your chances for admissions to West Point.  

West Point Admissions Statistics

West Point (USMA) Class of 2025 

Class Size   


Rank in High School  
Top 20%....................71%  

Varsity Athlete….........89%  
Team Captain……......…66%
Honor Society…......……60%  
Class Leader…............20%  
Merit Scholarship........14%
Scout Participant........34%
Standardized Test Scores (SAT Mean)
Verbal        Math                 
654             673          

ACT Scores (mean)  
English      29                 
Math         30                 
Science     30 
Reading     30

US Military Academy - USMA 

Tips for West Point Admissions

1) Start early on your application for West Point admissions - gives candidates a chance to maximize test scores and GPA, obtain knowledge to prepare for the Congressional nomination applications, essays, and interviews, participate in summer leadership programs, address issues with medical boards (DODMERB physical), prepare for the fitness test, and get to know their West Point admissions officer

2) Total candidate score is based on 60% academic, 30% leadership, 10% physical aptitude.  Understand how to maximize your achievements in each of these area

3) Optimize your West Point and Congressional nomination applications to first portray the most relevant and critical "demonstrated" leadership and academic achievements

4) Disqualification by DoDMERB is not final; approximately 20% of each entering class receives some type of medical waiver

5) Candidate may be offered admissions to West Point prep school if they are deemed to be qualified but lacking in academic proficiency.  West Point admissions through the prep school is extremely favorable as long as the student completes the program with minimum passing marks