Air Force Academy Admissions Statistics

Air Force Academy (USAFA) Class of 2025 

Class Size   

Rank in High School  
Top 25%....................81%  

Varsity Athlete…..........86%  
Team Captain…......…...62%
Honor Society…......…...69%  
Class Leader……...........17%  
Scout Participant.........23%
Standardized Test Scores (SAT Mean)

Verbal        Math    
711             742   

ACT Scores (mean)  
English      32                 
Math         32                 
Science     32                 
Reading     32

US Air Force Academy - USAFA

Tips for Air Force Academy Admissions

1) Slightly different from the other Academies, Air Force Academy total candidate score for admissions is based on 60% academic composite, 20% scores from the admissions panel, and 20% in extracurricular composite

2) Increase your chances for Air Force Academy admissions by focusing on Class Rank, Letters of Recommendations, Essays and Interviews portraying demonstrated character and integrity, Rigors of School Record, Quality Leadership, and Extracurricular Activities.

3) Seek Varsity participation and club/team captain roles as over 80% of the admitted cadets at the Air Force Academy received varsity letters and a significant number were captains/presidents of their respective teams, clubs, or classes

4) Foreign language and cultural immersion is a significant benefit given the global nature of the military and political diplomacy

5) Strengthen your subjective profile by focusing your leadership activities on being a positive change agent who directly contributes in a leadership role that results in beneficial changes to your local community.  Look to perform in shorter term events with greater positive impacts.  

General Information for US Air Force Academy Admissions

The US Air Force Academy located in Colorado Springs, Colorado primary mission is to educate, train, and inspire men and women to become officers of character motivated to lead the United States Air Force in service to our nation. 

The United States Air Force Academy is the premier undergraduate institution for students seeking an outstanding education and becoming a commissioned officer in the U.S. Air Force.  Graduates of the Academy's four-year program receive a Bachelor of Science degree with an opportunity to choose between 27 academic majors.  All cadets who meet the physical qualifications are considered for undergraduate pilot training upon graduation from the Air Force Academy and may be selected for flight school conducted across multiple training bases in the United States.  Graduation from flight school prepares rated officers for flying careers in various airframes including fighters, bombers, special operations or transport aircraft.

United States Air Force Academy
2304 Cadet Drive, Ste 2300
USAF Academy, CO 80840
Phone: 800-443-9266

Letter of Assurance

If a candidate is highly qualified, they may receive a conditional appointment contingent on their receipt of a nomination and qualification on the DODMERB exam.  Air Force Academy admissions decisions are made on a rolling basis, with the majority of offers of admissions decided by March 15 and communicated in April.

Steps for an appointment to the Air Force Academy

1) Familiarize yourself with the admissions criteria for the Air Force Academy, strengthening areas in which you may be weak

2) If you feel that you can meet requirements on the Air Force Academy's website,, complete the pre-candidate questionnaire after March 1 of your junior year but not later than January 31 of the year you wish to enter the Academy

3) Then, if you are approved to proceed, starting in July between your junior and senior year, Candidate Kit instructions are mailed to qualified candidates from whom the pre-candidate questionnaires have been received, screened, and approved.  It contains additional forms and instructions for completing your application.

4) As with the other Academies, apply for a Congressional nomination and complete all of the requirements and activities in a timely manner
    - Outline and draft your essays with the emphasis on your personal achievements, desires to succeed, and
      commitment to service.  Make sure you answer the questions asked.
    - Determine your writers for the letters of recommendation well in advance of the deadline, asking that they
      comment on your character and integrity
    - Practice articulating your answers for the Congressional nominations interview questions

5) Complete testing, including:
    - Coordinate with the Academy and DoDMERB on the Medical exam
    - Take the standardized tests, ACT (including the writing section) and/or SAT with writing
    - Complete the Candidate Fitness Assessment, practice the drills before taking the actual test

6) Conduct the Air Force Academy admissions interview with your designated Academy Liaison Officer (ALO)

7) Periodic follow up on the status of your applications, informing the Academy or the Congressional nomination boards if there are any changes in your application

8) Take the opportunity to visit the Air Force Academy during camps, seminars, or orientation programs

9) Prepare for Air Force Academy admissions, both academically and physically 

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